Job Analysis

The job analysis toolkit provides the structure necessary to analyse the work experience, skills, education and willingness necessary to perform effectively on the job. The analysis identifies IDEAL requirements, minimum requirements and the importance level of each factor.

The job analysis toolkit also includes analysis of the behavioural factors related to job success. It provides guidelines from previous performance research related to the specific job and enables the user to adjust the behavioural requirements according to the exact key performance factors for their company.

This small investment of time will enable you to:

  • Easily identify and formulate the key factors that lead to job success.
  • Customize your assessments based on a complete set of requirements.
  • Pre-screen for IDEAL applicants, automating the recruitment process.
  • Greatly increase the accuracy of assessment through a highly structured approach to defining and measuring potential job success.
  • Facilitate a consensus among decision-makers by clarifying an exact formula that identifies the ideal candidate.
  • Re-use the Job Success Formula, minimizing the work required to assess for the same job when recruiting or developing in the future.

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