Pre-Employment Testing

Harrison Assessments' pre-employment testing enables you evaluate the best candidate quickly and efficiently, saving as much as 80% of administration time.

Rather than making a rough estimate of which candidates have the best overall education, work experience, and job skills, you now have the option of an easy to use technology that provides a systematic means of consistently measuring these complex issues. This also enables a pre-assessment that identifies the most eligible applicants before you even need to review a resume.

Our pre-employment testing methodologies do not stop there. We assess 175 behavioural traits including attitude, interpersonal skills, interests, work preference, corporate values, as well as what motivates your candidate. These traits are assessed against the specific behavioural requirements for the job and presented in a comprehensive report that makes hiring the right candidate simple. It includes 4 test authentication methods that ensure the applicants have provided genuine answers handling deception better any other pre-employment testing system in the industry. In less than 30 minutes of testing time our SmartQuestionnaire™ will evaluate suitability, identify complementary and counter-productive traits, and show you how to manage, develop and retain the candidate.

No other system offers such a comprehensive and effective means of measuring a complete range of job requirements. We don't leave the burden of interpreting complicated reports and general statements on the recruiter. Our results are fully integrated and quantified into a final score that accurately identifies each candidate's overall likelihood of success. You can also see a complete breakdown related to how those results were obtained and you can customize the job requirements according to your needs.

The Harrison Assessments' pre-employment tests are fully integrated into our applicant tracking system where applicants are automatically ranked and short listed. This process will save you time by dramatically reducing the volume of resumes you need to review. With our pre-employment testing results you will easily identify the most suitable candidates and rule out the others that are less-than-ideal, thus reducing the number of candidates to interview while informing and enlightening the decision process.

This methodology has given proven results to some of the biggest global corporations in the world as well as countless small businesses. Contact us today to learn how we can simplify your hiring decisions.

Contact us for more information or take a look at our sample recruitment reports to see how Harrison Assessments can help you with your recruitment needs.